Merseyside Jewish Community Census 2011

Dear Community Member

The analysis of the Community Census responses is now complete; thank you to everyone who took the trouble to take part.   The headline points are as follows:

  • Our Community numbers about 2200 persons; about 975 males and 1225 females
  •  Just under 1 in 5 is aged under 30; about 1 in 4 is aged 30 to 59; 2 in 5 are aged 60 to 79; and 1 in 6 is aged 80 or more
  •  Our average age is 56 years
  •  A quarter of households are couples aged 65 or over, and an eighth are younger couples with no children
  •  Families with children make up only 1 in 5 of our households
  •  80% (880) of our households live in the south east Liverpool area, including 30% who live in the L18 postcode district
  •  Groups of 15 to 30 households live in other parts of the area - specifically Inner Liverpool, Chester, Wallasey, Birkenhead West, Hoylake & West Kirby, and Crosby.
  •  About three quarters of adults aged over 50 living here were brought up locally, but the proportion is only about half for the 25-39 age group
  •  The age of mothers at the birth of their children appears to have risen sharply from, on average, about 29 years during the 1990s to 32 years during the 2000s
  •  Two is the most popular number of children per family
  • Three-quarters of grown-up children of adults aged 55 to 69 now live outside of the area; the proportion is closer to 60% for children of adults now in their 80s
  • About a quarter of our adult children live in the London area, an eighth in the Manchester area, and 1 in 6 is overseas
  • About 2 in 5 households (and half the households with adults aged 65 to 79 years) do not have 'ties' to the area through having grown-up children or parents living here
  • If you would like to know more, two reports have been produced - a 13 page SUMMARY report which includes a number of tables and charts and supporting narrative about Our Community today, and a 40 page TECHNICAL report which includes a more detailed assessment of the findings of the census, a more complete explanation of the analysis, and it also includes a major section about the future size and shape of Our Community. The reports (pdf files) can be downloaded using the links below.

    (C) Merseyside Jewish Representative Council - 2012