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      'Famtree5'  - used by enthusiasts in over 40 countries        

Famtree ToolbarFamtree5 is fully compatibility with Windows 7, Vista, and XP - and now has enhanced ability to read gedcom files produced by Ancestry.com, Genes Reunited and other sites/programs.

New Features for Famtree5 include -

  • 'FAVOURITES' feature - making it simple to show trees and charts for individuals accessed on a regular basis
  • Much improved PRINT PREVIEW facility
  • Much improved user interface - new TOOLBAR LAYOUT AND ICONS to assist ease of use
  • Option to include HALF-SIBLINGS in Wide Family Group charts
  • Optimised for use with all SCREEN RESOLUTIONS from 800x600 upwards, and for viewing in maximised and non-maximised windows
  • SCROLL BACK AND FORTH through all the charts and trees displayed this session
  • 'SAVE NOW' facility to save your file with a single click
  • Improved access to the INTERNET from within Famtree
  • Simplified INSTALLATION process

New Features for Version 5.0.2 include -

  • Automatically selects one or two page width and orientation to make all Wide Family Groups printable
  • Choose or omit Place of Marriage on Traditional Family Trees and Compact Descendants Charts
  • Display and Print an Information Collection Form from the Help menu

Includes all the familiar special Famtree features including -

  • Display, print, and save complete list of any person's relatives
  • Wide Family Group displays 7 generations of  relatives and partners
  • Save your data as a complete web site
  • Print Preview facility for all charts, trees, and listings
  • Option to Save your file, hiding the details of living persons
  • View all individuals and family groups by scrolling through the file.
  • Details of individuals now saveable as html files.
  • Up to 3 photographs per individual can now be linked
  • Differentiate between married and unmarried relationships (if needed)

(Registered Users wishing to upgrade to Famtree5 (v5.02) should click here to find the Famtree Update Page)

'Famtree' - - - - - -

  • is easy to use (icons & menus)
  • includes extensive manual, help and tutorials
  • runs under Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, and XP (including 64-bit versions)
  • supports 'industry' standard Gedcom files (so you can load files produced by others, and transfer your data to other people)
  • written by an enthusiast for other enthusiasts to use
  • you can try out Famtree free of charge (all features are enabled, but you cannot add more than 40 people until you register)
  • the full program, including manual and sample data files can be downloaded free of charge
  • registration (to remove the 40 names limit) costs just $20US worldwide (or £10 Sterling)
  • genealogists in well over 40 countries are now registered Famtree users.

All you have to do is -

  •   Download and Install Famtree - use the link below
  •   Fill in a form about each individual in your family
  •   Link them into Family Groups with a few mouse clicks

Then you are ready to let Famtree -

  •   Work out precisely how people are related
  •   Display, print and (in most cases) save text, html or bitmap files of -
    • ancestry charts for each individual
    • traditional family trees for each individual
    • a compact form of descendant chart for each individual
    • a unique Wide Family Group chart for each individual (showing 7 generations centred around the individual)
    • a complete list of relatives for each individual
    • an information page for each individual
    • up to 3 photographs for each individual
    • listing of all individuals in your file
    • address information for all individuals in your file
  •   Save your data as a Gedcom file -
    • save the whole database into one file
    • save individual branches of your family into separate files
    • save multiple branches into files
    • save your data into a file in which details of living persons are removed
  •   Save your data as html files (web pages) -
    • any ancestry chart
    • any compact descendants chart
    • an index of surnames and individuals names
    • an information page for each individual or all individuals
    • a comprehensive web site including names index, and information pages
    • a comprehensive web site including names index, trees, and information pages

You can choose how much detail to show on your trees (dates, places, etc), and what fonts to use, and you can hide some branches to simplify trees, or highlight individuals in a different colour, and all of these 'actions' can be achieved with just one or two clicks of the mouse.

Click here to see how easy Famtree is to use, and to see some sample displays/outputs or why not view the Famtree Manual now!

The program download includes the fully-illustrated manual.

Why not try out Famtree, free of charge!

- all program facilities are fully enabled, but your file size is limited to 40 names; larger Gedcom files from other sources can be loaded (and trees produced), but not edited.

Download Famtree and try it out at your leisure.    When you are familiar with it, you can register on-line for £10 sterling or $20US.  Registration removes the 40 names limit, and allows you to keep up to date free of further charge.

Click here to be taken to the Download page

Registration Instructions  - Please obtain your copy of Famtree by downloading as described above.  Try it out free of charge.  When you need to exceed the 40 names limit, register by credit/debit card on-line to receive your password.  Registered users can download future updates of Famtree free of further charge.

Your credit/debit card company will automatically convert the registration fee into your own currency on your credit/debit card statement (so you can use either of the services listed below);  however, you can choose to pay exactly 10 pounds sterling, or exactly 20 US dollars, (and, if necessary, see the approximate cost in many other currencies) by selecting one of the following secure payment services.   The secure credit/debit card processing for Famtree registration is provided by SW Registration Service.

  • To register and pay exactly £10 Pounds Sterling (including UK VAT), please click here and then follow the on-screen instructions, scrolling down the page, entering your address and payment information, and clicking on 'secure checkout', when ready.

  • To register and pay exactly $20 US Dollars (plus Sales Tax if any), please click here and then follow the on-screen instructions, scrolling down the page, entering your address and payment information, and clicking on 'secure checkout', when ready.

Just scroll down the 'Your Order was Successful' page to reach the 'Additional Information' box - where you will find your password.   Alternatively, wait for the email you will receive from SW Reg - your password will be in the lower part of the email message, below the optional link to print off your receipt.

If you have not received your password within 48 hours of successfully completing the registration process, please .

** Note - due to a change in regulations, SW Registration Service now has to add VAT to all orders received from European Union addresses, even though I am not registered for VAT (and cannot receive or claim the VAT back on your behalf).  

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